Monday, May 23, 2011

springspiration! craft challenge!

So I love to craft! In truth I love to create ... anything!  And even though my days are filled to the brim with house work, laundry, cooking, running kids around, and living this amazing life God has granted me; I still find time to fit in crafts. And that is why when my friend Monique asked if I would like to take part in her springpiration craft challenge I eagerly accepted!

She sent out a package to me and five or six other blogging/crafting friends. Each package contained a half meter of a vintage fabric, a string of pearls, two doilies, one button, and some bakers twine. The instructions were to create something from the materials provided, you could add to the materials but they were to be the bulk of the project! And the pearls were optional.

I must admit that receiving the package was like an addict receiving their "drug" of choice. Seriously! We were sitting on Monique's deck when she gave the package to me. My heart started to beat a little faster, my hands got sweaty, and all I could think of was what could be in there?! I truly have an addiction! I didn't open it right then and there and it took all I had in me not to! But I didn't want her to think "wow, she's kinda crazy and clearly addicted to crafting!" Because I clearly wanted to her to read about it here! LOL

As soon as the van door closed I was in full swing of creative juices flowing! Which I'm sure Jarrett was quite ok with, as it would have stopped the usual "so what do you want to talk about?", from me! Within minutes I had numerous ideas, but which one to choose?? Which one?!

A few months ago, after going through our basement (both my husband and I are a bit of pack rats), I decided that if I were to go ahead and keep crafting I needed to craft with a purpose! So that's where I started.

Being that it's gardening season and I love to garden I decided to make a flower pot. I headed to Michael's and bought a clay pot, mod podge, and a few brushes.

I took the pot and laid it on top of the material to see how much I would need. Then it took me a few minutes to adjust it so that the material would lay flat once I started gluing.

I glued a section at a time. Painting the pot with the mod podge then spreading the fabric on top and smoothing. I did this until the pot was covered and the fabric was as tight and flat as possible. I overlapped the back a little which made it look like a seam. I let it dry for about thirty minutes. Then I snipped slits into the extra material on the top and bottom, I think they were about an inch apart.

Then I folded them over and glued them. I let those dry for about ten minutes. I was getting a little impatient and they required less glue! Once the bottom and top were finished I covered the fabric in a coat of mod podge and let dry over night.

In the morning I cut the dollies in half and hot glued them to the bottom of the pot. Then I need to find a place for the button, bakers twine, and pearls! I ended up deciding the twine would go just under the lip of the pot. So I got out the mod podge again and glued the twine in place. Then I took the left over twine thread it through the button and tied a bow. I hot glued it to the pot, and the pearls to the bottom of the pot just above the doilies.

And TA DA!! My springspiration craft challenge was done!

Now she sits on the deck waiting for the rain to stop for longer than one day, so that I can fill her with beautiful flowers! I named her Mary after my mother's grandma, and I love her!

Thanks to Monique for this very awesome challenge. You can check out her entry for the craft challenge You can also find links to all the other ladies and projects involved in this craft springspiration!

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